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"We had a very limited budget for our wedding as we were paying for things ourselves. When I contacted Josh and saw his website, I knew he was the photographer for us. I had to have him. Unfortunately, his prices for too expensive being that we were in college. I emailed him back saying I wish I could affair his prices, and he out-of-the-blue put together a package that was within our budget!! He shot our wedding and we have been great friends ever since! His pictures are amazing, and you'll never find a better person to work with!" Melanie Steward June 2nd, 2017


"Our biggest issue when looking for a photographer was someone who would interact well with out friends and family. We had heard horror stories of awkward moments and taking forever to shoot the pictures. We had heard that Josh was very personable and efficient. He absolutely was. He captured tons of remarkable photos in only 20 minutes after the ceremony. At the reception, all of my bridesmaids and all of the groomsmen were trying to get him to stop taking photos and just hang out with them." Jill Hardin Thomas February 2nd, 2018


"After searching for months for a photographer in our area, I stumbled across Josh's website. It was like a godsend! Josh was VERY easy to work with and has excellent communication! He was willing to work with us to tailor a package that suited our needs and made my fiance and I feel very comfortable during the actual photo sessions and managed to capture very realistic photos with an "in the moment" feel. (Not the easiest of tasks, in my opinion!) He has amazing talent and I could not possibly be happier with the result of our wedding photos. Josh was always in the right place at the right time to capture some of the best photos I've had taken in my life. I can't truly express how proud I am of my wedding photos nor the depth of my gratitude to Josh for doing such a stellar job!" -Ashli Miller Dayton June 6th, 2009


"The two most important things to me in choosing my photographer were talent and flexibility.  I needed someone that was able to work with our tight budget, but I was worried I would have to sacrifice talent, time, and access to our pictures.  Josh provided us everything we could have ever hoped for in a wedding photographer.  He worked with our budget to give us a package that was perfect for us.  He was there from start to finish, was super fun to work with, had great picture ideas, gave us pictures we're proud to display, and included all the copyrights.  I would choose him all over again to shoot our wedding and will go to him for any further photographic needs.  I consider myself a fairly critical person when it comes to photography, because it is a passion and hobby of mine.  I was worried I would have to look back at my wedding pictures and think I could have done it better myself, but after working with Josh I knew our day was in good hands.  I did a ton of research and Josh was just a no-brainer.  There's not a better deal out there, I promise!" Jamie Hunt Clauss August 1, 2009


"I had a hard time finding a photographer for our wedding due to a tight budget. A friend recommended Josh, and after looking at his amazing pictures and meeting with him, I was so excited that he was going to shoot our wedding. I appreciate how easy he is to work with as well as his laid back attitude. He did everything we asked and in the end I was more than happy with the way our pictures turned out. I can tell Josh actually enjoys his job and helping to make every bride's day the best day of her life no matter how many clients he has! I'd recommend him to anyone!" Morgan Earle June 20th, 2016


"Josh had great ideas and made sure all special moments were captured. Hewent above and beyond to exceed our expectations. Josh was efficient andquick to get all of the ordered pictures to us. He was great to workwith and everyone was very complimentary of his work." Alison Alexander Scalfani April 18th, 2014


"I knew we had a great photographer when during a thunderstorm before the wedding, Josh put down his camera and held an umbrella for me as I was carrying in my dress. He shot the wedding soaking wet and came away with some breathtaking images of me and my husband." Tiffany Lee Scott April 5th, 2016


"My (NEW) husband and I are both wedding photographers, so of course the first thing I looked for when I started to plan my wedding was a quality photographer. I needed someone who would be reasonably priced, offer as many hours as I needed on my wedding day, and have amazing photographs with enough experience to back them up. Joshua McCoy was all that and more! He delivered absolutely fantastic pictures, replied to emails promptly, showed creativity on my wedding day by doing literally anything it took to get the perfect picture, and in addition, he was just really friendly! He's worth every penny, and I have zero regrets about choosing his services."  Sarah Marie Smith October 3rd, 2009